Monday, January 04, 2010

Feeling Empty: Addendum

Robert, I hope you don't mind my adding a few photos of your scoot. Here is the offending culprit which has caused so much problem and repair delays


As your scoot looks patiently at the repair process while tucked in the corner of the shop

(Robert's scoot is the sad one on the right)

Like waiting for a new heart to be installed . Here is another peek from a different angle


I can feel it in my bones . . .


I hope your Vespa is repaired and on the road soon

Sincerly, bobskoot

1 comment:

Robert, the Reverend said...

Thanks Bob for the addendum.

It's very much appreciated and gives people a birds eye view of what I'm up against.

Not your fault, but it's makes me feel kind of empty again, as tomorrow is my day off and the forecast is sunshine.

Oh well.