Sunday, February 07, 2010

The "Urban Scoot Club" of Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD)

I've been talking and talking about it for years and decided enough of the talk, it's time to take action.

I began by sending off an email to "Modern Suede" (http://www.modernsuede.com/) to see what the cost would be for manufacturing a club patch.  Everyone knows you need something like this to identify your club and answer the constant question of whether or not you are a "gang" (LOL) of scooterists.

Next step was settling upon a name for the club and an appropriate logo.  Originally, I had toyed with the name "The Buzzards."  It was a play on the sound of our 2 & 4 stroke machines "buzzing" around the city, matched with a friendly mascot the likes of  "Beaky Buzzard" (circa. 1942) from the vintage cartoon: "Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid."
A friend cautioned me calling ourselves "The Buzzards" by posing the question: "Do you really want to have your club named after a bird noted for it's feasting upon carrion (ie. the carcas of dead animals).  His comment couldn't be dismissed, though I continued to play with creating sayings such as: some of us are Old "B's" (ie. Buzzards), others of us are Young "B's" and a lot of Wanna "B's." 

In the end, I decided to move in a different direction and settled on the image of city life and scootering.  This is where most of us live and it is where most of us scoot.  The image of a scooter superimposed on a skyscape came to mind, with our club name emblazoned across the bottom.  Not being a graphic artist and wanting to put something together, sooner rather than later, I developed this logo.

At this precise moment, the club is still only an idea or dream I have.

But the process has begun.  Contact is being made with other scooterists to see whether or not they are interested in where I envision this thing heading.  I want the club to be inclusive (scooterists and non-scooterists, 49cc and beyond).  I also want the club to have some sort of organizational structure, including a formal and due paying membership component.  I'd also like us to consider some sort of benevolent action being attached to our existence.

Most of all, I like it to be known as a group where participants enjoy fun, food and fellowship.

Keep looking up & pressing forward!

Robert, the Reverend


bobskoot said...

Robert, The Rev:

What happened to the RTE: scooter club ? After all rides are centred on EATing, either before, during or after our rides.


"RTE: Urban Scooter Club of Metro-Vancouver, British Columbia Canada"

or just: RTE:USCOMVBCC" for short

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Robert, the Reverend said...

Bob ...

I forgot about RTE (by the way - what do the initials stand for?).

I am serious about starting this club. Are you interested? Do you want to know more?

bobskoot said...

Robert, the Rev:

RTE: = Ride to Eat

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

That was a nice video, I watched it a couple of times over but didn't see either you or Bob.....RTE = Ride The Earth.



Robert, the Reverend said...

David ..


The video is one of my favorites.

I like the song and the scooters.

Alas, Bob & I are not amongst that particular group of scooterists but maybe Bob will post some video from similar rides involving the "Scooters of Bellingham" rally or "Worst Scooter Rally Ever" hosted by a local club here in Vancouver.

Great hearing from you!